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For a snapshot of Trade Me's early development see the Internet Archive's Trade Me archive.

The running Kiwi in the Trade Me logo is named "Kevin" or "Kev" and his name can be seen by hovering over the site logo.

Morgan, then 23 years old, decided to found the Trade Me site when, despite searching online, he could not find a heater for his flat in Wellington.

The Trade & Exchange site had a heater for sale, but held back listings for a week before publishing them online, and by the time Morgan made contact with the heater's owner, the item in question had already sold.

Trade Me is the largest Internet auction website operating in New Zealand.

Managed by Trade Me Ltd., the site was founded in 1999 by New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Morgan, who sold it to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ0 million.

Sam Morgan founded Trade Me during the first few months of 1999, constructing the site while working full-time for Deloitte as a technology consultant.

Within Deloitte, Morgan worked on Internet projects and supply-chain issues.

Trade Me Ltd also operates several sister websites including Find Someone, Travelbug, Safe Trader and Holiday Houses.This action proved the turning point for Trade Me, saving the site from potential financial disaster.Much of the success to come was based around the 'Trade Me Manifesto', a series of ten values for keeping the site fast and the company technology focused.Morgan commented on e Bay's attempt to penetrate the New Zealand market in an interview: "...I think there are big cultural issues there that are just not well understood.

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For example the Americans think that everyone has a zip code [...] they were a little late in and then they launched in US dollars." Morgan took time off from the stress of running the booming Trade Me site in September 2001, and went to the United Kingdom to manage an IT team in London.