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This is especially terrifying since children are more open to sexual exploitation, assault, and abuse when they meet a stranger from the internet.

Cyberbullying is an umbrella term that may be used to refer to a number of actions. This could mean someone is pretending to be your child or is “catfishing” them by pretending to be someone else in order to gain your child’s trust, often using a false profile or profile picture.

Users can go from one conversation to another, seeing other users on their Android terminal.

If you like someone, you can continue talking with them.

When getting together, both should bring a friend and meet in a public place to ensure they are out of harm’s way.

These are not things that children think before meeting a stranger from the internet.

Whatever your stance is on pornography, every parent agrees that it is not something that is suitable for underage children.Now that you know the problem of parenting in the digital age, it’s time to see what you can do about it.Much of the problem with parenting in the digital age comes from not understanding the dangers that are out there and not paying enough attention to what your children are doing.When you do not monitor the friends your children are talking to online, you leave your child open to various forms of abuse online.A predator may bully your child into participating in an online sex chat or video sex chat.

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Learning about the technology your children use on a daily basis will give you a deeper insight into their lives.