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The fantasy didn’t necessitate a spouse or all the trappings that come with the concept of a nuclear family, I just thought that helping a little one grow was one of the most magical things I could think of.But here I am, a young woman who owns her own sex toy store, writes articles about all things sex, makes collages out of porn, and has an Instagram account that many folks consider soft-core porn.We talked about it when she got home from school, and I gave her a few different ways she could educate and effectively shut down the teasing in the future.We did a little role-play where I pretended to make fun of her, and that really helped her get the gusto to confidently put the other kids in their place.”The facilitators of the discussion added that giving your kids knowledge and strategies, instead of keeping them in the dark, also discourages them from keeping secrets from you.

In my opinion, lying to kids about these things at an early age only complicates your ability to give truthful explanations in the future. Our shame and embarrassment about sexuality is put upon us by society, and it’s a parent’s job to shift the paradigm of what is “normal.” Sexuality is natural, after all.I may never have children, but if I do, I know that the skepticism towards parents in the sex industry has only put a fire under my ass to do everything in my power to be the best mom I can be. We are both very close to my mother Annie and missed her greatly, When we were both back in New York for Christmas we bought her a new laptop with a built-in webcam so we could keep in touch online.If you don’t keep secrets from them and you give them age-appropriate honesty, they’re likely to trust and confide in you.Isn’t that what every parent wants from their child?

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While this can spark curiosity, or make a kid feel uncomfortable, it’s so much more important to have those awkward moments occur during times of transparency, not when you’re getting caught in a lie.

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